Fabulously Dazzled Kids Spa Party Packages

Fabulously Dazzled Party Pack:  $200.00 to $250.00 with a Theme provided. Which includes a  Mini-Mani and Pedi. 

Singing and Dancing with Karaoke Stage and Music. 

Signature Drink (Cotton Candy Girltini) and drinks along with Food. (Pizza).

The number of Party Guest is 6. Including the Birthday Guest. Any additional guest will be $20.00 up to a total of 10 guests. Party Time is 1.5 hrs.

GLITTER GIRL ( Cotton Candy) Party Pack: $275.00 to $325.00 with Theme provided. Which includes a Fab. Moisturizing Mini - Mani & Pedi. with Sugar scrub.

Facials with cucumbers.

Karaoke / singing and Dancing.

Signature Drink (Cotton Candy Girltini) & drinks along with Food.

Number of Guests are 6., including the Birthday guest. Add on will be $25.00 per guest. with a limit of 10. Time of Party will be 1.5 hrs.

Dazzling Dress - up P arty Pack: $325.00 to $375.00 with Theme Provided.

Which includes : Fab. Moisturizing Mini- Mani & Pedi. Facials with cucumbers, age appropriate make-up and singing and Dancing with Karaoke Stage.

Use of Spa Robes for all Guest and Personalized Robe to take, For Birthday Guest.

Signature Drink ( Cotton Candy Girltini). Drinks along with  Food (Pizza).

Number of Guest are 6. including Birthday girl. Add on guest will be $30.00 per guest up to 10. With a Party Time of 2.0 hrs.

Fab. Golden Glow Party Pack: $400.00 to $450.00 with Theme Provided. Which includes: Most. Mini Mani & Pedi.

Facials with cucumbers, age appropriate make-up, And a Personalized Spa Robe for all guest to take.


$35.00 per extra guest outside of 6. up to 10. Guests. Party Time 2.5 hrs.